Jean Gorman

Tarica LesKiw

Bill Butler

Betsy Friedberg

Sean Heneghan

Jessica McKenna

Mark Robinson

The Trustees are appointed by the City and serve as custodians of the building. Their duty is to maintain and preserve the structure while ensuring public access, appropriate use, and good stewardship of the facility on behalf of the City. In addition the Trustees are responsible for meeting the requirements of a preservation easement held by the Massachusetts Historical Commission which mandates the protection and care of the historic features of the building. 

The Trustees are volunteers who bring a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds to the benefit of the Beebe Estate’s management. The Trustees have professional affiliations in a wide variety of areas including cultural resource management and history, architecture and historic preservation, business and community service, law, and marketing/sales. 

The Trustees meet monthly and their meetings are posted and open to the public. The Beebe Estate operates through support from the City, a very modest rental income, and grants and gifts.